A Tokyo Story: The Family Volume

By Nosaka Akiyuki

Author of the critically acclaimed Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka), Nosaka’s fiction makes one think of how post-WWII society impacted Japan. This story focuses on one family in particular, or rather, a woman’s recollection of her family. Nosaka writes in prose style, creating a very difficult challenge for Japanese to English literary translators. 

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The Heroine's Name

By Watanabe Seiko

Watanabe elaborates on the thought that goes into naming her protagonists in this light-hearted yet satirical essay. While localization definitely plays a role in naming characters of translated works, the unique challenges that Watanabe presents here have more to do with flow and humor. Additionally, she writes in a dialect that’s not easy to translate. 

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安全か自由か 「緊急事態」が問う「生権力」問題

東 浩紀

Safety? Freedom? The Problem with Biopower that Makes Us Question A "Crisis"

By Azuma Hiroki

A critique on how society is changing under the advancement of technology, especially in the wake of COVID-19. The language that Azuma uses has the potential to sound very awkward in Japanese considering the use of subjects and dependent clauses. A very poignant piece to read and an interesting challenge to translate. 

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