The Gleaner X Turtle Bay

Creative Director: Danielle Every
Copyeditor: Errol de Jesus

The Brief

The Fitting Room reached out to me to write and edit copy for a newsletter called The Gleaner, Jamaica’s most trusted news source. 

The Gleaner collaborated with a Jamaican-inspired restaurant called Turtle Bay to give Black entrepreneurs and creatives the spotlight for Black History Month, which the UK celebrates in October. 

This was a wonderful learning experience for as well as a great opportunity to celebrate Black culture with a global client. 

The Process

I edited articles throughout the newsletter in addition to compiling information about the businesses and individuals featured in the online publication. 

Listening to podcasts, watching cooking shows, and researching the history of Black representation in the UK plus its relationship with Jamaican immigrants were methods that helped inform my writing. 

You can read the full newsletter here.