B2C Social Media Content Copywriting

I worked closely with an app's co-founders and editors for 90 days to help solidify the client's brand voice as we interacted with potential users.

Role: Copywriter  + Social Media Strategist + Creative Direction for Engagement

Copywriting Brand Voice & Style Guide

[Client] aims to be uplifting, nurturing, and inspiring. We strive for our community to feel (re) connected and positively informed. We should be the perfect place for socializing. Think of us as the perfect edu-social hub of Black culture and lifestyle. Our content and engagement instills confidence in members as they reconnect with their roots. We have a style that is both powerful and personable. Impact over intent: our content should leave our readers feeling empowered.
[Client] copy avoids sounding inauthentic. We bring 100% of our true selves to our community. Authenticity is part of freeing ourselves from feelings of inferiority. We acknowledge problems but we focus on solutions with a can-do attitude. [Client] strives to build a community but genuine connection always comes first. When engaging, we should always ask ourselves: how am I shining my light and sharing knowledge? We can communicate through shared experiences, not emojis!

Copywriting for Organic Engagement

Hey [NAME], there’s a movement for global Black empowerment called [client] ✊🏾 and we’d love to have your voice as a part of our growing community! We aim to help each other thrive while celebrating our Blackness and reconnecting with our roots. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page to help inspire healing and growth across the diaspora.
Hey [NAME], thanks for liking us! We’re all about unifying individuals across the diaspora so they can thrive together. Join our growing community of over 1k+ Black entrepreneurs, individuals, and professionals for great posts about Black culture and Black Excellence.

Writing community-centered copy, compiling targeted hashtags, and curating daily engagement helped to organically build my client’s audience. 


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Organic Post Copy