Real Mentors Network

Client: Tamara Thorpe (The Millennial Coach)
Copywriter: Errol de Jesus

The Brief

Real Mentors: LinkedIn meets Tinder. 

Leadership and compatibility. I strove to embody these themes as I wrote copy for the Real Mentors website.

My client required copy that addressed mentees, mentors, and organizations looking to forge mentorships between their employees. 

The Process

I made sure to ask my client about competitors, copy crushes, and more to understand the ideal tone and voice. 

In addition to providing creative direction with the visuals, I wrote from an SEO perspective, making sure to include keywords, meta title, and meta description for each page to ensure my client’s site could be found via Google searches. 

Errol did an exceptional job capturing my vision and voice. She understood my B2C audience and was thoughtful in helping me clarify and articulate my UVP for my B2B audience. I would highly recommend her for your upcoming projects.