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About the author

¡Hola! I’m Errol de Jesús, the founder of Morenita Mommy. Here’s a 10-second summary of my 5-year journey that eventually resulted in the launch of Melanintro to Languages and a life-long mission to uplift Black linguists.

5 years ago, I was struggling with how race had impacted my ability to thrive abroad or embrace speaking another language. 

My struggle with identity launched my journey with melanated language learning. 

When I became a mother, I wondered how I could raise my biracial child to love both sides of his culture while embracing others. 

After a ton of soul-searching and community-building, I finally managed to break free from a toxic mindset and cherish the need to amplify Black voices in the language learning world. 

I also realized that I have a huge passion for helping others do the same.

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What My Melanated Readers Are Saying...

Melanintro to Languages spoke to my own experience of under-representation or even misrepresentation of Black people in language learning.

It's full of useful tips for staying organized with your language journey. Well-written, creative, and packed with wonderful resources, I definitely recommend it, whether or not you are studying Spanish and Japanese! Mucho arigato, Errol!
Desta Hailé
Founder of Languages Through Music

I am in tears after reading the intro of this book.

I feel like Errol has given a voice to every travel abroad experience and language learning encounter I have had as a Black woman. I just couldn't contain this emotion because girl this was just the intro!?
Carla Stone
Founder & CEO of Translatable LLC


A: No! It’s for all BIPOC and allies.

A: Yes! But trust me, once you go Black, you won’t wanna go back.

A: Absolutely! The techniques are designed to be applicable to language learning in general.

A: Absolutely! The techniques are designed to be applicable to language learning in general.

A: I’ve spent thousands of dollars to have the experiences that I share with you in this book. I believe that Black language learners should learn the life skills I present without signing up for a lifetime of debt.

A: 100% yes. I’ve created Melanintro to Languages to be actionable. It’s loaded with self-paced strategies and guiding questions. Furthermore, it’s the ultimate blueprint for Black language enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

A: You’ll be a part of my inner circle, Morenita Mommies. Every month, I’ll provide you an extensive list of resources for melanated linguists. And of course, I’ll be around to answer any questions you have!

Please send any questions, concerns, or comments to

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Even if you feel that you’d never have the capacity to invest in learning a language…

Even if you feel unqualified to raise your family multilingual…

Even if you’re worried that no one will hire you for your language skills…

Melanintro to Languages can STILL help you.

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If you’re not vibing with Melanintro to Languages, you are guaranteed a whole a$$ refund. All you have to do is to email within the next 7 days with these magic words: “Melanin Regrets” and I’ll refund you the money immediately. 

You don’t even need to explain yourself or write anything else in the email. Just utter “Melanin Regrets” and I’ll refund your money. All the risk is on me! I don’t want to take your money if you are unhappy.