Melanintro to Languages

A Melanated Guide to Language Learning & Multilingual Parenting

The U.S. Census Reports only 20% of the population bilingual


Imagine an even smaller number for Black folx!

Language learning in Black communities needs support and representation

When we see ourselves speaking languages, it’s empowering

This ebook is meant for my Black and Brown siblings who are passionate about language learning

It’s for melanated parents and guardians who want to raise a multilingual generation

It’s NOT meant for someone who wants to 

“become fluent in 10 days”


It’s NOT for someone who 

want the same old textbook format 

that doesn’t touch on the intersectionality 

of language and race

  • Melanintro opens a discourse on language learning from a Black perspective
  • No more wondering how to study effectively
  • Practical advice on learning languages—either as an individual or with family.
  • Racially-conscious language learning!

Tentative Launch Date September 2020


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