Hot Take Taglines

Creative direction: Becky Lang 
Copy: Errol de Jesús

The brief

The task was to create taglines that would align with revolutionizing how consumers see fast food during the pandemic. The company innovated a service called “Hot Take” that would allow customers to play with their food by creating unique combinations that could be delivered to them. Afterward, they could share their opinions or hot take on their meal via social media. Overall the brand encompassed adventure and taking risks so it was a really fun project to work on. 

B2B Taglines

Take the Leap From Business to Belly.

Make the Recipe an Adventure.

Put Innovation on the Menu.

Explore The Next Taste Algorithm.

Be the Belly Whisperer.

Let Them Play With Your/Their Food.

Know Which Limits to Push.

Take Risks, Not Orders.

Discover Insights for Your Bites.

Take Your Menu for a Test Drive.

Set the Bar for Flavor Innovation.

Make ‘Em Bite-Curious.

Put The U Back in Menu

Less Second Guessing, More Second Helpings.

Know What’s Hot

B2C Taglines

Spark the Debate on Deliciousness

Eat Up. Speak Out.

Whip Up The Next Trend.

Evolution. Food.

Eat Outside the Box.

Do You Like Savory or Sweet? Yes.

Make Iit Worth the Risk

Keep An Open Mouth

Follow Your Stomach’s Heart

Curiosity is the Best Sauce

Take Hunger to New Heights.

Scare Your Taste Buds.

New Palate. New Path.

Let Your Mouth Write the Map.

Find Your Flavor.

B2B Manifesto

Create the most clickable recipe on the web! Hot Takes leads your menu on a flavor expedition that even the pickiest of eaters will want to explore. Use research-backed market data to predict hot combos and tap into the hungry minds of foodies. A Hot Take isn’t just a one hit wonder in the kitchen. It’s food innovation that will rock your menu.

B2C Manifesto

Your favorite fast food joint is offering new food and they want to hear your opinion!  It’s time to let your stomach do the talking. So go for that weird craving. Skip the ordinary and play with your food. You’re not just testing the boundaries of your taste buds, you’re reinventing the food journey. All while earning points and letting your foodie friends in on some great deals like discounts and rewards.

Headlines for Stickers

Maybe the take is hotter on the other side?

You know what goes great with a cold one? A hot take.

Get in. We’re doing hot takes.

Start a food fling with a hot take. Your fridge will never know.

It’s like bungee jumping. With your mouth.

Years from now, they’ll say that you were doing hot takes before it was cool.

Be a trailblazer and fire up some hot takes.

Go where no foodie has gone before.

Turn your food experiment into an experience.

Dare to be deliciously different.

One hot take for food, one giant leap for mankind.

Follow your food compass.

Get curious in the kitchen.

Palate password hint: Hot Takes.

Take your taste buds on a road trip.

Partnership Taglines

Add Hot Take + [Brand] to Taste

It Takes Us + You To Make It Hot

Satisfaction = (Hot Take – Hunger) + [Brand]

Hot Take x [Brand] = New Food Obsession

Take Food To The Power of 2: [Brand] + Hot Take = Food2 (or Food^2)

Innovation + Hot Take = [Brand]’s New Menu

Stir 1 Part Hot Take And 1 Part [Brand] For Best Results

Bold Flavor + [Brand] = The Next Trend-Setting Hot Take

Hot Take + [Brand] = ROI (Recipes of Innovation)

The Secret Ingredient = Hot Take + [Brand]

Hot Take + X = Deliciousness. [Brand] Solves For X.

Curiosity + Kitchen = [Brand]’s New Hot Take

[Brand] + Hot Take = Good Taste

Good Eats = Hot Take + [Brand]


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