I'm Errol De Jesús.

About Me.


Writing words is kinda my thing

Translator Mommy.

All my life I’ve taken risks: studying Japanese, moving from Texas to Minnesota for college, starting a family with my husband despite our language barrier, and leaving my corporate job to pursue writing full time.

It has all paid off. 

Words Connect People

& Linguist.

good to know.

Feedback and constructive criticism helps me grow as a writer. I’ve had the opportunity to grow with so many talented people. Writing will always be my passport to the world. 

Work Experience.

I’ve written for amazing language learning brands like Rosetta Stone and Babbel. My experience includes creative agencies, translation agencies, and start-ups.


Macalester College 2017 graduate, first gen. Japanese & International Studies undergrad. Self-taught through expensive marketing and translation courses.

My Skills.



Exploring the intersectionality of society and language to write copy that builds communities. 


Content Marketing

Repurposing and reusing content for social media and powerful brand storytelling. 



Using my multilingual and multicultural experiences to deliver brand messaging to audiences. 

more about me


Things you’ll probably never know about me unless I end up rambling.

I love writing about language learning. Japanese is my second language and Spanish is my third. I’m currently studying German. My favorite word is taikun, which is where the term tycoon comes from.


My son Chris, named after my late father, is Afro-Mexicano. I have an identical twin sister. I was raised by an amazing single mother. Even when we disagree, she encourages me to follow my heart.


I loved Halle Berry in Catwoman. Reading and writing fanfiction are some of my favorite things to do. For years I kept pronouncing the in p in “coup.” 


I love R&B, Soul, and Smooth Jazz. Epic cinematic music helps me write fiction. If you ever went to a karaoke box with me, you’d never want to leave.