D&I Taglines

Creative direction: Luli Chacon
Copy: Errol de Jesús

The brief

A global university sought to reach out to Black leaders specifically in this inclusive campaign. It aimed to hold itself accountable in the changing political and social climate. One of the challenges I faced as the copywriter was checking my own biases and ableism (hence removing the tagline “we stand together”).  “Welcoming change, accepting responsibility” became the runner up for the campaign. The mission statement below served as reference and inspiration for the copy. 

Round 1 Taglines

1) Home lies in community. Find yours here.

2) Understanding leads to unity.

3) Creating spaces where everyone can belong.

4) Thriving on togetherness and solidarity.

5) Empowering all to work together.

6) Building an inclusive world for a brighter future.

7) Resist our biases, embrace our differences.

8) The courage to advocate for an inclusive future.

9) The courage to see the world from a different perspective.

10) Embrace the world’s unique perspectives.

11) Embracing differences, creating unity.

12) Advocating for unity, fighting for equality.

13) Seeing the differences beyond the surface.

14) The key to growth lies in unity.

15) Our differences stand out, we stand together.

16) Unity and understanding for all humankind.

17) Fostering the courage we need to bring lasting change.

18)  Choose inclusion, choose us.

19) The pursuit of inclusion lies in the ability to embrace our differences.

20) Our differences help us make a difference.


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