Language Learning Copy For Online Programs and Apps

I write copy that turns language learners into your customers.

General Language Learning

From blog posts that provide life hacks for fluency to recommended reading for aspiring polyglots—I’ve got you covered. 

Multilingual Parenting

Multilingual parenting is a growing niche! Now more than ever, parents need guidance and resources for balancing languages at home.

This market presents a great opportunity for language programs to offer expertise that leads can trust. Marketing content has to appeal to both parents and children, so your content needs to be able to speak to both. 

Japanese Language & Culture

Japanese is a popular language but it’s also a challenging one. Having copy that can address the three different writing scripts (kana, romaji, and kanji) and ways for mastering the language’s complex nuances will make your app a go-to resource for learners!

Most platforms mention about immersion but many do not address the various styles of studying the Japanese language: self-study, traditional classroom setting, homestay, and more. 

Spanish (Latin America) Language & Culture

A deceptively “easy” language, Spanish tricks language learners because its alphabet closely resembles the English one. 

Spanish has not only become a highly sought-after language, but it’s very relevant in today’s career world. Does your copy offer top value for your readers? 

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