B2C Longform Copywriting

Melanintro to Languages grew from unpublished blog posts on multilingual parenting. As a response to the growing Black Lives Matter movement, the ebook became an opportunity to address racism and racial identity in the context of language learning. 

The intention and focus, however, was not to ask white audiences to acknowledge the intersectionality of language learning and racial identity, but to encourage Black language learners to embrace what’s a stake when they learn a language using material that is not representative of Black history. 


I promoted the ebook to audiences that I had been nurturing on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) for the past year.

Other promotional strategies:

  • Going on podcasts hosted by Black multilinguals
  • Posting questions in Facebook groups for Black multilinguals
  • Doing an Instagram takeover with a local influencer  
  • Networking with Black women interested in learning languages
  • Creating my own Facebook group (Morenita Mommies)
  • Building a list of subscribers for my newsletter


  • 100-paged ebook, edited and translated
  • 1 language goal planner, delivered as a Google sheet 
  • Images from “Createherstock” Black-owned stock image site
  • 1 landing page, edited 
  • 2 months of curated social posts
  • A series of promotional blog posts 
  • Sales script for direct messaging
  • 10+ E-blasts that included Black Friday promotional offers and discounts 


  • Instagram outperformed other social media channels in terms of driving traffic to my landing page. It was also a great conduit for messaging users who had expressed interest in my ebook by liking the posts that previewed the content. Instagram stories was instrumental in driving revenue for the project.


  • Going into Facebook groups to provide expertise or answer a question about freelancing, language learning, or self-publishing led to great connections with fellow Black writers and language enthusiasts.


  •  Although email marketing did not perform well in terms of sales, it was a great way for me to re-engage potential buyers who expressed interest in the ebook at some point.


  • Passion projects take a lot of effort, time, and yes, money! It’s not easy being your own project manager, account manager, copywriter, bookkeeper, etc. But it was nice to have access to all the information whenever I needed it! 



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