Copywriting for Melanintro to Languages eBook

Long-Form Content Curated for Black Language Learners

Melanintro to Languages was my response to the solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement (or lack thereof) demonstrated by businesses in the language learning industry.


Writing and marketing the eBook pushed me to understand how I could use my experience to connect with the community that I had created over the past few months on social media.


The intention and focus, however, was not to ask white audiences to acknowledge the intersectionality of language learning and racial identity, but to encourage Black language learners to embrace what’s a stake when they learn a language using material that is not representative of Black history. 


  • I was invited to do a guest lecture on the importance of socially-conscious translation for the University of Alberta. 
  • The eBook attracted a community of readers that later expanded into an active Facebook group for Black language learners. 
  • The founder of a Black female owned language learning company interviewed me about my book on her podcast.
  • Sales continue to be consistent but the biggest takeaway for me is finding more solidarity in my online communities.