B2C Direct Mail Copy

An industry-leading pet insurance provider tested a new promotional direct mail campaign against a control. I worked closely with the creative director and designer to produce B2C copy that would drive traffic to the client’s website. My concept, No worries, Just Love,  outperformed the control. 

Brainstormed Headlines

These headlines were eventually scrapped for their tone not being on-brand. But who doesn’t love pet puns? 


We Keep Your Kitten Feline Safe

No More Waiting for Those Doggone Reimbursement Checks

Protecting Your Little Explorers No Matter What

Peace of Mind Fur Everyone

What Gives Our Pet Parents Peace of Mind

How We Sniff Out the Competition

Our Keen Sense of Care

A Comprehensive Medical Plan to Cover all Paws

We Take Your Furry Friend’s Health Seriously—No Kitten!