Morenita Mommy


Who Am I?

My name is Errol de Jesus. I’m a professional trilingual copywriter and translator. I’m also the founder of Morenita Mommy, a blog-turned-business that I started to inspire and meet Black multilinguals.

What Is It I Do?

When I’m not busy speaking Spanish, Japanese, and English with my son Chris, I live my other passion, which is writing marketing copy and marketing campaigns for non-profits and small businesses. 

Who Is Morenita Mommy Meant For?

My blog is intended to encourage non-native speakers to fight against monolingualism by raising their children to speak multiple languages. 

I also aim to raise awareness for the need for representation in the Copywriting and Language Learning industries. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you learn a little more about language learning and/or copywriting!

My eBook, Melanintro to Languages, will debut in September. 

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