Bienvenidos a Morenita Mommy!

Hi there! My name is Errol. I became a new mom (and a wife!) just last year. My background is in International Studies and Japanese. I was set to start a job in Japan but I fell in love with my husband (who’s from Mexico) and now I use Spanish every day. Hey, you never know where love can take you!

Overcoming a serious language barrier and raising my baby bilingual has given me experience in foreign language acquisition, translation, and interpretation. Not only do I intend to share my experiences but I hope to pass some wisdom on to you! I also want to help your brand reach a larger audience by including real, down-to-earth Spanish in your content.

Thank you for checking out my website and I hope you learn something new! Check out my services page and follow me on your favorite social media platform so we can keep in touch for my newsletter, currently in the works!


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