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I started this site because I felt like I was the only Black mom in the world raising a baby multilingual. Not long after I started blogging, I was able to connect with lots of mommies just like me. I hope that you’re able to do the same. 


About Morenita Mommy

Morenita Mommy began in 2019. It was initially a way for me to journal my experience as a new mother raising my biracial son, Christopher. 

A few months after I started my blog, I walked off my awful corporate job to pursue freelancing full time. I had no clue how to monetize my blog or get my business off the ground. But I knew that I wanted to connect with more melanated mamas like me who love languages! 

Much like learning a language, entrepreneurship is a lot about taking action. I pitched my writing to different language learning companies and got paid to write guest blog posts.

Eventually I networked and cold-emailed/messaged enough to land marketing and copywriting gigs. Paid translation projects too.

Morenita Mommy’s Dedication to Language Learning

My biggest challenge was responding to the need for more melanin in the language learning world. 

I decided to build an intentional space for melanated mommies who are raising the next generation of multilinguals. Because how many language textbooks out there help us describe our experiences with racism? Or our daily routines with our Black hair and skin? 

Learning a language can change the trajectory of your career. It can help you discover things that you never knew about yourself. 

Language is as precious as it is powerful. 

Do you know how to say “braids” or “solidarity” in your target language(s)?

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I look forward to connecting with you, curlfriend!   

Errol de Jesús


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