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(Far From) Random and Mundane #14: Manifestaciones en Minneapolis

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Years ago was in Japan. I thought I had escaped the stigma of being black.

When I turned on the TV, I saw on the news that a black man in San Antonio, TX had been shot and killed by the police. I couldn’t pretend to not understand. The kanji and the imagery were all there.

I returned to Minneapolis that summer to learn that Philando Castile had been gunned down by a policeman.

With his own daughter in the back seat of the car.

Can we ever escape this? We’re tired, angry, indignant, scared. These men are our neighbors. Our friends.

We’re not target practice. We’re not punching bags.

I chose to live here in Minneapolis because I consider this city my home. But how can I explain this shit to my son? How can we feel at home here or anywhere for that matter knowing that these atrocities are still happening?

Trilingual copywriter and translator raising her biracial baby trilingual. I love raising awareness about diversity in the writing world. I'm also a tea snob who talks way too much.

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