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I Earned $1,000 Guest Blogging with Almost No Experience —You WILL Too!

Girl, you will earn $1000 blogging.

We all know that anyone can. But this is all about willpower

Months after I left my miserable office job, I was sitting around at home feeling sorry for my blog. It was getting very little to no traffic. 

I know you’ve been there. And maybe you’re still there. 

Here’s a solution: blogging for websites that are already targeting your audience. 

It’s not piggybacking— it’s guest blogging!

How Can Guest Blogging Drive Traffic to My Blog?

There are many advantages to guest blogging: 

Contributing Guest Posts Gets Exposure for Your Blog

Guest blogging puts your name out there on the web. Your work will appear on search engines like Google and on social media platforms!

Guest Blogging Showcases Your Niche Knowledge

Blogging on an established site helps you bring your A game to the table. 

Understand that blogging is a service. Your niche-focused writing is valuable. 


Note the word “niche.” 

You have to know where you’re going to get started. 

And if you don’t, that’s OK too! 

I didn’t start blogging for language learning blogs until I came across an ad for a language learning contributor. 

Keep reading to find out how my google search turned into a long-term blogging role!

Guest Blogging Builds Your Portfolio

Depending on what your end goal is for guest blogging, having portfolio samples may be one of the most beneficial parts.

If you don’t already have a blog, I highly suggest you start one with this in-depth guide!

With Guest Blogging, You Can Link Back to Your Blog

You’ll most likely be asked to add a small bio and external link at the end of your guest blog post. 

Your bio should cover exactly what it is you do and how you help others. Think of it as your elevator pitch. 

The external link should be the URL to your own site (check out this guide if you haven’t started your own yet) or a social media platform where you’re most active. 

Guest Blogging Can Grow Your Business!

And of course, you can get paid to guest blog. 

Businesses who understand the value of content marketing will pay for you to share your expertise with their audience. 

For example, I blog about language learning. While I’m certainly no expert, I understand how important marketing is for e-learning businesses!

How Do I Find Paid Guest Blogging Opportunities?

Google searching, job board-hunting, cold emailing, and networking are good places to start. 

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities by Googling "Your Niche" + "Write for Us"

This works best when you know exactly who you’re targeting. 

You can try goggling a niche that you’re interested in to get some ideas going. 

Just look at the variety of options that come up if you google “parenting” + “write for us”

Notice that the 2nd site is where you can apply / submit your writing while the other sites are lists with more websites that you can try.

I googled “language learning” + “write for us” and stumbled across one of my first blogging gigs. I still write for them to this day!

I've gone to write for several langauge learning sites since then!

Send Cold Emails to Content Managers and Marketing Directors

If you’re like me, you’re building your online business from the ground up. 

Let me tell you, mastering the art of cold emailing will help you immensely

Cold emailing is about getting in front of the right audience. This could be the content manager, the director of marketing, even the CEO!  

I took a course on Cold Emailing taught by the very talented Jorden Markelle, who owns Creative Revolt. 

Her course took my blog from negative profit to $1000+/month

And it’s not an expensive course. 

It’s affordable, especially for bloggers just taking off. 

The course paid for itself 

Wait, What's Cold Emailing?

Cold emailing is an outbound marketing technique that can grow your business at any stage. 

It’s not spamming your friends and random strangers with stupid, annoying copy-and-paste pitches. 

Cold emailing is an intentional form of outreach that can lead to long-lasting business relationships. 

After sending out my first round of cold emails, I got responses like this: 

This was a social media management gig with content writing!
This led to a blogging contract!

The people who responded to my cold emails were editors, marketing directors, and CEOs!

So how do you find those people who can pay you to blog? 

Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great place to network with professionals because it’s where they hang out. 

It’s a wonderful marketing tool for understanding who you can pitch to and who’s in charge of what at the business you want to write for. 


I can’t remember how my LinkedIn profile looked a year ago, but now it’s tailored to my niche (language businesses).  

A good image will be 400 x 400 pixels. Here’s a great guide to LinkedIn dimensions.

When updating or creating your profile, think about answering this question: 

How do I help the businesses in the niche that I’m targeting? 

Even after you’ve set up your profile, you’ve still got to engage. That’s how you get in front of the right people!

Market Yourself to Your Niche

Don’t be afraid to start connecting with people! You not only drive relevant traffic to your blog, but you can even land paid opportunities. 

Make it very clear what you offer in your bio. 


That’s how you get messages like these: 


This one actually didn’t go through because my price range was out of their budget.

And this is the reality of blogging. You have to set your budget and not let it budge.

You’ll turn a project down (I’ve been asked to write for free) or get turned away.

That’s actually completely normal. In fact, if that’s not happening, your rate may be too low!

You will find the right match that is willing to compensate you properly. You just have to make sure that you’re marketing your writing. 

Build Real Connections

Should I just start adding everyone I know from high school? 

That was my first impression. 

And you don’t have to! Remember, these aren’t just any connections. They’re leads

These are people you intend to pitch to somewhere down the line. Nurture that relationship on LinkedIn so you increase your chances of getting paid to write.

And if you can’t find the content director, connect with a writer. They’ll forward your information to the right person!


This was one of my first paid writing gigs!

It even led to the testimonial that you see on my landing page.

Now that you know how guest blogging can grow your blog, it’s time to go out there and grow it!

Need a Content Strategy for Your Blog?

There’s no doubt that social platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram are strongly connected to blogs. 

Understanding how to organically work these tools for your site will help you grow the right way. 

It’s OK if your blog isn’t hitting the thousands in terms of views yet. You can still earn money like I did! 

Hop on a FREE discovery call with me and get a content strategy for your blog!

Have something else you need me to help out with? Get in touch with me by filling out the form below.

Happy Blogging!


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