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The Art of Storyselling: SEO and ROI for Language Blogs

It’s no secret that savvy SEO and good copywriting can make your language learning site an authority.

Blog posts put copy to the test with search engines like Google and Bing. 

Does your language learning site measure up?  

Keep reading to make sure your site ranks when someone’s looking to learn a language!

How To Attract Language Learners with Sticky SEO

Don’t string just any set of words together to get views on your site. In addition to providing expertise on language learning, your content should give users practical learning advice. 

Show Your Unique Learning Approach

Give your readers a language learning concept to associate with your brand. 


Maybe you offer amazing language learning courses? Or your app makes studying a language a breeze?


Whatever it is, it’s the selling point that makes your site and its product stand out.

Sell Your Story to Users

If you know in your heart that you don’t have to be a native speaker in order to raise your children bilingual, say it!


And more importantly, have the content to back it up.


What are you delivering that no other language learning program can?

Have Consistent Language Learning Content

Style guides and content guidelines will streamline content creation for copywriters and contributors. 


This will help your business in the long run as you continue to build your team and collaborate with writers.


It also prevents micromanagement.


But, hey, if you can do it yourself, it’ll cut costs, right?  


Remember to avoid reinventing the wheel. If you’re going to do something by yourself, you need to do it properly


I’m a parent. You might be one too. Getting lengthy email newsletters from language learning services is the bane of my existence. 

Keep it simple. This is about the language learner. Your story should tie into how you can help them. 


Save some of that awesome content for future use!

Engagement on Social Media: Building Authority with Language Learners

Build authority and trust. You don’t have to be expert or the know-it-all but you’ve got to bring your A-game with content. 


No one’s going to invest in a brand that they don’t trust enough. 


So how do you build a relationship with language learners? 

Give Practical Value to Language Learners

Before a user is going to invest in your product, they need to be given practical advice.



Provide a prospective customer value and they’ll continue to show up!



This can come in the form of e-books, free trials (apps and programs), and of course, blog posts. 

Engage with Language Learners

Engagement is a crucial step in the buyer’s journey that can’t be overlooked. And it’s not the same as posting everywhere every day or promoting your site every chance you get. 


Instagram, for example, is a great platform to not only promote but to interact with users. 


Rather than just posting, consider going live or adding language challenges to your stories. This gives your language learning brand a layer of realness. 

How to Guard the Throne: Tracking ROI For Your Language Learning Blog

Establish authority with SEO. Then establish a way to track and measure metrics.


Most platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, provide insights. 


So what should you be looking at to measure the authority of your language learning site?

Blogging ROI: User Retention, Click-Throughs, and Open Rates

How do you if your language learning blog is working for your business? 


By gauging the content that’s resonating with your audience! 



The insights you measure should give you an idea of what’s serving your audience or how you can better serve them.

Measurable Goals for ROI

If you’re already tracking insights on a normal basis, think about how the numbers reflect what your business goals are.



Is your marketing manager only focusing on growing followers on social media? Are they also tracking the numbers of shares? 


Don’t expect to get big numbers if you’re not making a big deal out of your content. There’s nothing wrong with telling a story that’s going to connect with your audience but it has to tie into the bigger picture: your language learning product.  

The Language Learning Community

Last but not least, community can boost your site’s authority.



Can you offer a free webinar or workshop to attract leads?



Do you have a Facebook group that offers a solution to some problems that language learners might face? 



These spaces help build the face of your brand. They’re also gold mines for content ideas. What’s a common struggle you see users mention? These ideas can lead to a year’s worth of blogging content. 



All the more reason to have a blog!


Does your language site need an SEO boost? Get in touch about your site’s language learning content! 

Trilingual copywriter and translator raising her biracial baby trilingual. I love raising awareness about diversity in the writing world. I'm also a tea snob who talks way too much.

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