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Random And Mundane #9: Family Time

The most time we’ve ever spent together as a family.

In the beginning, it was difficult for me to adjust. Having all three of us here at home meant more distractions, more speaking Spanish, more using my brain to talk to a person (ugh).

But now I can’t imagine a day without seeing my husband Javier and my son Chris together.

I know Javier isn’t the only parent out there realizing just how much they’ve missed out on their child’s upbringing.

I’ve been to many family gatherings where little kids always tell me that one of their parents couldn’t make it because they “had to work.”

Going back to normal means going back to work for some of us. Obviously things will never be the same after this crisis.

This disaster has given me a glimpse of the life that I really want for us. The time we’ve spent together has been so precious.

It’s been a dream and a nightmare rolled into one. I really don’t know how to feel anymore.

Trilingual copywriter and translator raising her biracial baby trilingual. I love raising awareness about diversity in the writing world. I'm also a tea snob who talks way too much.

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