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Random and Mundane #8: Papel

Sometimes I do miss being in an office space.

Toxic office politics and stupid uniform codes—obviously I don’t miss any of that.

I wake up and I can work in my PJs all day. That’s pretty nice.

But I don’t have a desk. My son Chris has torn all the erasers from my pencils. I can’t leave any pens or markers in his reach.

We recently threw away a desk chair that I got from an old college buddy. It was mad cheap.

And now it’s in standing outside near the dumpster.

I have a small printer that I bought not long after I graduated. It comes with a scanner. I have to be careful with what I print because Chris will take the paper and rips it up. He’s already done that so several of my books and notebooks, did you know those are called cuadernos? ‘Cause I’ve been calling them libros forever.

Anyway, I miss the smell of warm printer paper. I miss the complete silence filled only by the sound of typing.

I certainly don’t miss those annoying phones. It took forever for my phone to get set up. I dreaded checking my voicemails in the morning. I hated making outbound calls just as much as I hate receiving inbound calls. I knew some salesperson or patient would be on the other end.

Sometimes people dialed the wrong number and would get mad at me.

Then my hours were tracked. Now that I work from home, I do find myself tracking my hours of work, but I don’t like the idea of someone else measuring my productivity. Some days, I’m not in the mood for work and I just want to goro goro with my gordito. Is that so bad?

I miss having two monitors, even if it was on a Windows ’97. In the offices where I worked, old technology being used to handle a ton of information was common.

Whenever we’d look at revenue reports I would wonder, “where the heck is all this money going? You people really can’t spare a budget for better computers!?”

I miss walking down long hallways and pretending to be busy. I don’t miss running into co-workers that annoyed me. Or seeing a bunch of people in meetings getting absolutely nothing done.

I don’t miss my old cubicle but I miss having some space to myself. I know that someday I will have my own home office. I dream about it every day.

Whenever I’m ready to hunker down and write my next novel, I can whisk myself away to a quiet room filled with books. I love the smell of print. My favorite place to be is a library. I love reading titles on spines.

How did they come up with that title? Did they hate their editor by the end of the whole process?

I have to try and make everything digital so Chris doesn’t destroy it. Of course, we’ve kept his bilingual books out. Some of them are soft books so he can have a field day with those.

He started turning pages by himself. He mostly just flips the whole book over but it’s a start. Pretty soon he’ll start needing paper to draw and write. He’ll make paper airplanes and fortune-tellers.

I’d rather witness his creative process, no matter how messy. It’s better than staring at a computer screen dreading my next “meeting.”

Trilingual copywriter and translator raising her biracial baby trilingual. I love raising awareness about diversity in the writing world. I'm also a tea snob who talks way too much.

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