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El Paseo del Pendón: A Tradition in Chilapancingo, Guerrero Mexico

Festive music, colorful costumes, people shouting and dancing in the streets.



The roar of a jaguar!


Do you know why its roaring? 

The 194th Paseo del Pendón (Walk of Banners) has started in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.

On December 22nd, different parts of Guerrero march to the capital of Chilpancingo. It’s a day filled with fun and excitement.

Where does Paseo de Pendón Originate?

Originalmente, El Paseo del Pendón originates during Mexico’s colonial period. It began in honor of Saint Hipólito, who is honored on the 13th of August. This was the same day Hernán Cortés conquered Tenochtitlán and claimed the city as the capital of New Spain in 1521. The first procession took place in 1529¹. 

In 1825, el municipality of San Mateo held the first celebration with tigers and tlacololeros². Soon, other parts of Guerrero came together to celebrate the tradition. Now the tradition includes dances, instruments, and more!

The Culture of Paseo 

Feria Chilpancingueña is a famous song about Paseo del Pendón.

Just as the song says, (view lyrics here), the celebration embodies much happiness and joy.

All the participants hail from different regions of the state of Guerrero. Many different kinds of dances, decorations, and music fill the streets. 

One example is the, folkloric dance , which bears some similarities to ballet. Every city has a unique style, however. Each region brings their own culture to el Paseo

Chilena is a genre of music from Guerrero. All day the sound of trumpets and drums sound from the streets leading to Chilpancingo. You can also hear the sound of mariachi and other bands playing. 

Who are the people in the black masks? They’re the. They catch the Jaguar or tecuani. 


It’s one of the many costumes that make up the festivities during el Paseo del Pendón.


The Jaguar is well known in Ometepec, the city where my husband was born. We have a Jaguar mask and a Puma mask right here in our living room! 

The Battle of the Tigers

At the end of the day comes the battle of the Tigers. It’s an extremely popular event.

4 municipalities from each city of Chilpancingo compete for bragging rights and a prize. 

This year the winner was from Tequicorral! 

I still have so much to learn about Mexico. I can’t wait to travel there someday with my son so we can both experience the culture. 

Did you already know about this tradition? 


If you didn’t, what part of it interests you the most? 

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