50 Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

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Do I regret not having a baby shower for Chris? Not at all! As I mentioned in my post about mother’s day, my mom lives a thousand miles away in the southern state of Texas. Even though she wasn’t able to throw me a baby shower, I managed to get showered with gifts. Javier and I accumulated more than enough baby bottles, diapers (well, you can never have too many of those), and newborn onesies by the time I had Chris.

In the future, however, I would love to have the people dearest to me in one place to welcome an addition to the family. Baby showers aren’t just for the expecting parents but for the people that want to cheer them on too. I went to my first baby shower earlier this year and just went to another one last weekend. Watching the mother to be open her gifts gave me joy.

Are you attending a baby shower soon? Need some ideas for what to bring? I’ve got you covered! Keep on scrolling this list to get some ideas flowing.

50 Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts

1) Huggies Little Snugglers


Like I said, you can never have too many diapers! My job sent us a diaper cake during my maternity leave. Those take a while to make but gifting the mom-to-be with one sounds like a good investment if you have the time!

2) Huggies Unscented Wipes


I have nothing against Pampers, in fact we go back and forth between Huggies and Pampers all the time! I’d recommend getting a little tub for the wipes so the parents-to-be have somewhere to store them!

3) Munchkin Latch Bottles


I love these little bottles! We were gifted a 4 oz one and eventually went out and bought several 8 oz ones to match Chris’s growing appetite. Just one would do for a gift. That way the parents can decide if they like the brand or not.

4) Bottle Brush

Usually under $10.00

I owned two brushes: one to use at home and one to use at work. I prefer brushes that come with a stand so water isn’t leaking everywhere. I’m sure any parent would appreciate it!

5) Silicone Bibs

Usually under $10.00

My mother sent us a ton of waterproof bibs but Chris liked wrapping them around his neck too much. I actually have these bibs on my wishlist because Cloud Island has such adorable (and affordable) products.

6) Baby Trend High Chair


Most high chairs like to hang out on the expensive side. At the time we bought one, we were more concerned with having a designated area for Chris to eat solid food because our carpet and clothes couldn’t take it anymore. It took some getting used to but now I consider it one of our best baby buys. On the other hand, parents can save money by using alternatives like portable or clip-on highchairs.

7) Pacifiers

Usually under $10.00

Chris eventually fell out of favor with pacifiers but we did receive a lot of these before he was born. MAM has the cutest little patterns!

8) Aveeno Baby Lotion

Under $10.00

Perfect for the winter time. A newborn’s skin is usually dry since they’re no longer in the wet environment of the womb all the time. Don’t wash your newborn every day though! That’ll really cause they’re skin to dry up.

9) Aveeno Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Under $10.00

We’re still on our first bottle! Chris doesn’t have too much hair. Plus all you need is a little dab on a washcloth.

10) Aquaphor Diaper Rash Cream

Under $10.00

For those pesky diaper rashes!


11) Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker


We use this all the time to make pureed food for Chris. It’s very easy to use and clean. The blades are not dangerously sharp. There’s even an option to automatically steam and blend the food. That means more time with baby and less time in the kitchen!

12) Tops (Sweaters, t-shirts, and long sleeves)

Prices vary, usually under $20.00 per piece at Target

We received plenty of hand-me-downs from a couple that previously had a boy. Just buying a few long sleeved tops should do. Trust me, the baby is going to wear it once or twice and then go up a size!

13) Bottoms (Shorts, Pants, Skirts)

Prices vary, usually under $20.00 per piece at Target

14) Onesies

Prices vary, usually under $20.00 per piece at Target

I recommend Carter’s. They usually have great deals for baby clothes.

15) Rattles

Usually under $10.00

16) Soft books

Prices vary. This book specifically costs $14.99

My review: Soft books are so much fun. My baby can play with them without tearing out any pages! On the back of this book are great tips on how to use “Peek-a-boo Forest” for a baby’s development. We are so happy to add this great book to our home library!

17) White Noise Machine

Prices vary. Check if some items come with a white noise option.

18) Blankets

Prices vary. Usually under $20.00

Some of our blankets are gifts but some we purchased from Target’s Cloud Island line.

19) Cloth diapers

Prices vary. Over $20.00.

20) Infant/Toddler Tub


I really like the one that we have because it comes with an infant swing. It also fits perfectly over our kitchen sink. Chris has recently started bathing in the big tub so we don’t use it as much anymore.

21) Baby Washcloths

Usually under $10.00

22) Graco SnugRide SnugLock Infant Car seat


I had Chris about three weeks earlier than expected so Javier had to run out and buy a car seat at the last minute. The nurse at the hospital recommended this one. She even taught us how to set it up. As a new parent, car seats scared me. Their purpose is to ensure the baby’s safety so it’s worth getting a good one. Also, let the future parents know that they can check with their insurance to try and get one for free!

23) Car Seat Cover


24) Hamper for baby’s clothes

Usually under $20.00

You don’t want your clothes mixed in with the baby’s clothes. Especially those tiny socks! Make laundry day a little easier for the expecting parents.

25) Wipe warmer

Usually under $30.00

26) Diaper Bag/Backpack


You can turn anything into a diaper bag really! What I love about this backpack is that it’s stylish and comes with a changing pad. I prefer it over my purse-turned-diaper bag.

27) Stroller

Usually $90+ but check second hand stores for deals!

28) Changing table

Usually $80.00+

29) Organizers

Prices vary

A cheaper alternative to buying a new dresser for the baby. Saves on space!

30) Baby Foam Play Mat


My review: This was fun and simple to set up. We live in a pretty small apartment so the play mat takes up over half of the living room. There’s a lot of ways to arrange the puzzle pieces so I hope to switch it up in the future.

Add some toys and watch your baby have the time of his life! The waterproof feature is also really awesome for my little mess maker.

31) Nursing pillow

Prices vary, usually $20+

32) Graco Baby Swing + Rocker


We received one from Javier’s cousin. Let me tell you, until Chris grew too big for his rocker that miracle machine granted me so much freedom I otherwise wouldn’t have had. It played songs for Chris and even had a white noise option (to mimic the sound that babies hear in the womb). It was a sad day when we realized Chris had gotten too big for it.

33) Baby Car Mirror

Usually under $20.00

Rear-facing baby mirrors make driving with a baby easier when it’s just mama and baby on the road. I did not like these at first because I don’t like installing things. This mirror, however, has hassle-free installation, can be adjusted, and stays in place.

34) Caps/hats

Usually under $10.00

35) Mittens/gloves

Usually under $10.00

36) Socks

Usually under $10.00

37) Booties/shoes

Usually under $30.00

38) Burping Towels

Usually under $10.00

I like having towels designated for burping so I don’t dirty all of Chris’s blankets so soon. They fit right over your shoulder for burping time!

39) Bulbs

Usually under $10.00

40) Baby Nail Clippers

Usually under $10.00

41) Infantino Baby Wear


Javier loves using baby wear with Chris. It’s so adorable seeing baby and Dad bond. Chris goes right to sleep in his carrier. I’d post a picture here but I have way too many. Check out my Instagram!

42) Teething Necklaces, Cookies, Toys

Usually under $20.00

Teething is no joke! Till this day we still use Chris’s teething cookies. It’s better than him chewing on anything he can get his hands on or biting us. Check out my tips for soothing a teething baby.

43) Memory books

Prices vary

My niece and nephew both had memory books. They are great to look back on. Now there are so many options for memory books. Choose wisely!

44) Boba Wrap Carrier


45) Hooded Towels

We bought this one from Ikea! Chris used to be swimming in his but eventually grew into it. I love wrapping him up in one after a bath.

46) Baby detergent

Usually under $30.00

I read on a Facebook group that you can make a cheap homemade alternative with baking soda.

47) Bassinet


48) Diaper Pail

Usually under $30.00

49) Bottle Warmer


We still use this to warm up formula for Chris when he gets fussy. Sometimes my let down takes more time than Chris will wait. I’d also recommend getting a portable one. This one helps out a lot at home!

50) Breastfeeding Tops

Usually under $30.00

These provide me the best comfort without needing an actual bra. I feel like moms either love or hate these but I found mine handy on laundry days and I had no bras around the house.

So there you have it! Let me know if you got anything and how the baby shower went~

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