Making Room

Now that Chris moves around more, I have had to take inventory of things we’ve been using for him. The baby rocker our cousin gifted us doesn’t hold Chris properly anymore. Since he can sit up and bend over all on his own, he can easily fall out. While I’m sad to see such a useful baby item go away, I’m happy to have free space!

Clothes & Clutter

Next comes the dreadful part of growth: the need for new clothes. I can’t tell you how many outgrown onsies stick around only for us to use them as dish towels. We can’t be bothered with throwing them away. The little drawers that came with Chris’s crib wasn’t enough to hold all of his clothes. In retrospect I wish we could have planned just how we were going to organized his clothes more thoroughly. 

Currently we use one of my dresser drawers to store his future toddler clothes. We transformed one of our end tables into Chris’s dresser and keep in the living room near the couch. We have no room for a full sized baby dresser or changing table (more like we don’t have the time to properly arrange our living space to accommodate one). In our bedroom the baby’s crib takes up a significant amount of space. 

Tales from the Crib

The crib is another big part of inventory. It initially seemed like a failed investment. When we got home from the hospital, Chris stayed in my arms. For weeks I slept on the couch surrounded by pillows. Javier transitioned us to the bed, which was a relief for my back. Months passed while Chris’s crib turned into a glorified coat rack and storage bin. 

Eventually, chris started rolling off both the couch and the bed. The first time scared me half to death. There’s nothing worse than hearing a baby’s high-pitched screams. As soon as I pick Chris up, he’s all giggles. He falls on soft surfaces like cushions and jackets but still the sudden impact frightens him. I don’t think that a mother should ever beat herself up over these things. We are sleep deprived. Our guard will be down sometimes! 

Returning to the crib, we settled on tossing all our junk out of there to have a safer place for Chris to roam. Now we have to rearrange the bedroom so things like the TV and our other end table don’t get in our way of the crib. It feels strange not having Chris in the bed with us but I know this will reduce him rolling over and hurting himself. I want to hear how moms organize their spaces for their little one(s)! Do you think that your space has been tailored properly for your little one?

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