All Hands On Deck!

Father’s day weekend wasn’t too hectic in our apartment. For the most part we relaxed like we normally do on Sundays. It did feel special to celebrate Javier being the great father that he is to our son Chris. Maybe next year sleep-deprivation won’t prevent me from getting him a nice gift! I think handling the baby while he got a couple extra hours of shut-eye sufficed. Too bad Chris cried so loud he woke Javier up at some point.  

We always interpret our baby’s crying differently. I say Chris wants to eat, Javier says he wants to sleep. We’re still working on communicating better with our seven month old. It’s not easy but there are eureka moments like the one I had last week. 

Age of Exploration

Chris uses his hands to explore everything. Once a baby discovers his fingers and toes, he tries to grasp at anything his chubby little palms can hold! While breastfeeding he’ll give my love handles a squeeze. I certainly don’t mind–it’s super cute!

Speaking of hands-on learning, I found a way to get Chris to eat with his little hands. His hand and eye coordination is still developing so I get to help him out. I wonder if he understands what he’s doing sometimes. At the end of the day it’s exciting to teach a little human to do something we big humans do every day with ease. 

And yet balancing my own meal time and baby meal time puts my planning skills to the test. Sometimes I’m starving as I’m making those airplane sounds to get Chris to open his mouth. I’ve stolen a few bites of his baby pasta before. I feel triumphant when I manage to feed us both for the evening. Until I look down and see that I’m covered in drool and pureed carrots.

Messy is OK

Feeding Chris takes a good chunk of time: anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. During the first half I like to make sure he gets in his 1 ml of liquid vitamin for his anemia. It smells fierce so I have to make sure it’s mixed in really well with the food or Chris will turn his nose up at that stuff. In the home stretch I make sure that he gets as much space in his high chair to make a big mess. 

At first I hated the idea of making a mess. I buy all these bibs and baby blankets to make sure that I catch all the nasty surprises. Dirtying things on purpose goes against what I’m used to but it’s now a part of my feeding routine for Chris. He needs to be able to touch his food in order to understand the texture. 

During the last minutes of his dinner, I’ll happily step aside and let him turn his bowl upside down. Then he’ll spread his food out with his tiny fingers and get an understanding of the texture. I’m already prepared for everything within a a two feet radius to get sticky or dirty. It’s all apart of the process! 

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