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Baby Showers & Why Expecting Parents Need Them

Today after my morning workout, the shower that I took felt like a huge reward. It reminded me of how back when I was pregnant, my body worked overtime to help prepare Chris for the world. Pregnancy was my “body building.” A baby shower would have been the perfect reward for all that hard work! 

Baby What?

Growing up, I did not attend any baby showers. I saw them on television and heard about them, but my twin sister and I were the last of four children. The only pregnant person I had seen was my brother’s girlfriend when she was pregnant with my niece. I remember touching her belly and thinking, “how the heck did a person get in there?” 

At last when it came my turn to give my mom a new grand baby, the thoughts of a baby shower never crossed my mind. As I mentioned in my post about mother’s day, my mom lives a thousand miles away in the southern state of Texas. I called her one day to talk about the gender reveal cake that Javier and I bought after our first ultrasound. She asked me when my baby shower was and I told her that I hadn’t planned anything yet.

“You’re not supposed to plan your own shower. Somebody else does. If I was up there I’d throw you one.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” I brushed the idea of a party aside. Javier doesn’t like doing get-togethers. The last two birthday “parties” have been just us two and a tres leches cake. This past weekend at the baby shower thrown for my cousin and his wife, however, made me rethink my stance on baby showers.

The Home Stretch

Close to the end of my own pregnancy, the fact that another person was going to join my life dawned on me over and over again. It was an amazing feeling! I got to relive some of that anticipation at my cousin’s baby shower last weekend. It was fun having Chris there getting so much attention. Every day he makes me feel so happy to be a mother. Especially when he gives me a big belly laugh or a sloppy open mouth kiss (mwah!).

Another plus was the large crowd of family members there to celebrate. I loved seeing all the children getting along so well and playing around. What amazed me was the little kids that came up to me asking, “Can I hold the baby?” I remember thinking, “Wait, aren’t you a baby!?” 

Also, seeing other mothers with little ones allowed me to share the struggles of no sleep and postpartum life. Even though there were plenty of people that I had never met before, I instantly felt connected to them by their love for children and parenting. We all had come together to wish the best for first time parents. 

Do I Really Need One? 

So do I regret not having a baby shower for Chris? Not at all! I met up with so many different friends and family members who showered me with gifts throughout my nine months. Javier and I accumulated more than enough baby bottles, diapers (well, you can never have too many of those), and newborn onesies. We were so new to the whole pregnancy lifestyle that having a party did not make its way into how we adjusted to it.

In the future, however, I would love to have the people dearest to me in one place to welcome an addition to my family. Baby showers aren’t just for the expecting parents but for the people that want to cheer them on too. I’m not dropping any hints at anyone to prepare one for me next time—Mom—but now it’s definitely on my bucket list. 


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