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First Foods

Our pediatrician gave us the green light to put Chris on solid foods. In the past he’s eaten ripe banana and mango but now my husband and I have to figure out which first foods would become part of Chris’s diet. At first I thought sticking to breast milk and formula supplements provided sufficient nutrients for my little one. When his blood test came back stating he had low levels of iron, we made a plan to treat his anemia.

Say “Ah…”

Sometimes Chris will open his little mouth for a spoonful of sweet potatoes and other times he’ll slap away his pureed carrots. There’s nothing worse than preparing a bowl of something that I think he’s going to love only for him to give me the “get that out of my face” look.

Javier told me told me to trick Chris: hover some cereal or a bottle by his mouth and then as soon as he’s got it open sneak a spoonful of food in. It works for a few bites but eventually baby catches on. It’s amazing that he is pretty easy to hoodwink given that he’s a baby!

Sometimes I’m grabbing a snack for myself or opening a bottle of water and Chris will open his mouth and lean forward. It’s the cutest thing in the world. The downside to transitioning to feeding him solid foods however is not knowing when to stop. Chris can only communicate so much. Turning his chubby cheeks away from a spoonful of avocado doesn’t necessarily means he’s full. It could mean it’s time to try and feed him something else.

He Puked All Over Me!!

I thought spitting up breast milk was ugly. Chris used to drink too much and throw up all over himself. When it got on my clothes it would dry and get flaky. Yep, very gross but I got used to it. Having a throw up towel on my shoulders when I burped him or making sure to carry blankets for cleaning nearby helped.

My favorite throw up tale is when I went to pick Chris up from Javier’s aunt’s house. I figured, why not do a feeding before we hit the road? In the middle of it, Chris decided to soak my jean dress. It was the first time I’d actually heard him making vomiting sounds. Scary doesn’t even begin to describe it. Luckily he was alright. My butter ball had just taken in too much milk. 

Now how different is his spit up since he’s been on solid foods? Honestly, not all that different. It all goes down as a solid or a puree but comes back up as a liquid. The smell differs from the sour scent of curdled milk. We’ve got an entire arsenal of baby bibs so I’m never worried about making too much of a mess!

Patience and Practice

Had I not flown my mother up for Mother’s Day weekend I think I would have missed out on some valuable tips for feeding Chris. My mother went out and bought plenty of jarred food for her grandson. She even gave Javier and me the day off from watching Chris! It wasn’t until we got a break that I realized just how much help we needed.

Feeding a baby sounds very simple but it requires perseverance. Cleverness too. Seeing Chris try different textures and flavors does not happen in five minutes or even thirty. I can spend up to an hour trying to make sure he gets an entire bowl of soup in his tummy. Having the TV on serves as a good distraction because he’s not looking down and seeing the multivitamin that I sneak into his little spoon. Getting his iron supplements in has been a chore too but it will all be worth it once his tests come back showing he no longer has anemia.

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