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5 Life-Changing Facts Your Pregnancy Can Teach You

It wasn’t ideal for me to have my son delivered via Cesarean section. The experience left a huge impact on how I viewed my nine month journey. Here’s what I’d tell any expecting mommy:

5) Pregnancy Changes the Body, Not the Individual

My baby is my whole world. I can love him while still enjoying what makes me who I am. “Mother” has become a part of my identity but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up any of my individuality. Alysia Montaño raced at eight months pregnant! Does that mean all pregnant people should start training for the Olympics? Of course not. It just shows that our baby bumps aren’t barriers to what brings us joy!

4) Wellness Is Everything

Nothing tops wellness of the mind. Saying enough is enough and taking a step back from the stress makes a difference.When I was working and expecting, I worried too much. I realized that I was surrounded by resources: my family, my church, my friends, even my employer. Not everything does the way I plan but as long as I have someone to fall back on I can make peace with changes.

3) Your Baby Shares Your Laughter

I didn’t laugh every second of my pregnancy but thinking back I wish I would have been more positive. When my little guy would wake me up in the morning with his fierce kicking it brought a smile to my face. The next time the tiniest thing would eat away at that joy. Enforcing positive thoughts and keeping a good attitude can change everything. My emotions affected my baby before and after birth.

2) Every Milestone is Worth Celebrating

When I could no longer see my toes I was ecstatic. My little guy was getting bigger by the day! There are plenty of apps out there that track you and your baby’s progress throughout your pregnancy. I went old-school and kept a journal. Being able to recall the newness and excitement is precious. The tracking shouldn’t stop after baby comes. Capture the yawns, gurgles, coughs, cries, farts (these are pretty hilarious and important!), and all that other cute stuff!

Every day brings about a new opportunity to learn from. Being a first time mom gives me plenty to work with for sure! I’m blessed to have my family and friend constantly supporting me. For my expecting mommies out there, hang in there! You’ll be meeting your little one(s) sooner than you think so enjoy life the best you can.

1) Every Mother is Unique

It’s an obvious fact, I know. When I was desperate to not feel alone in my situation, however, comparisons became inevitable. I asked my mother many times if she had morning sickness as bad as I did or if her hair also fell out (yeah, it happens to some women) but in the end I accepted my pregnancy as something unique. I lost weight. I gained weight. Going on forums and reading up on other women’s pregnancy weight trouble provided me comfort but I had to see my situation as my own. Troubles I faced during my pregnancy were not worth beating myself up about. On my unexpected delivery date, when my OBGYN told me that I’d have to deliver via c-section, I was crushed. I wanted a “natural birth.” To be completely honest, there was nothing unnatural about how my son came into the world! Every baby meets their mother in a special way and it’s amazing in its own right.

Trilingual copywriter and translator raising her biracial baby trilingual. I love raising awareness about diversity in the writing world. I'm also a tea snob who talks way too much.

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