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Need a professional content writer with a knack for languages and cultures? 

Or a trilingual translator with a focus in marketing? 


My SEO-optimized copy gets increased traffic from potential users to your online business site!

Like this blog post on unconventional ways to learn a language that earned a 40% increase in web traffic for one of my clients.

Good copy uses honest marketing.

I use an authentic approach to promoting your program’s user experience. 

So why should you trust me to contribute content or translate for your amazing brand?

Errol is a kind and thoughtful collaborator who really writes from the heart. I found her very enjoyable to work with, and I valued having her unique perspective on language, family and culture on our publication.
Claire L.
Content Marketing Manager at Babbel
I commissioned Errol to write an article for my magazine, the Procrastination Paper and not only was her article wonderful (honest and beautifully written), but she was a joy to work with. Errol was gracious when I came to her with last minute edits, prompt in her delivery and a pleasure to communicate with over email.

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Who am I?



I’m a storyteller who loves raising multicultural and multilingual awareness with businesses.

I have an extensive background in language learning—over 10 years with Japanese and 4 years with Spanish (Latin American). 


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