Hello! I’m a mom who has recently gone from working a 9-5 soul-sucking job to fully embracing my calling as a full-time mother. In addition to creating my own path in life, I’m raising my biracial son bilingual! I use this site to chronicle my (mis)adventures in motherhood and connect with other mommies. It’s a work in progress–and so am I.

What does the word “Morenita” mean?

When I met my husband, he always called me, “Morena” in front of his friends and family. When I used my translator the English equivalent came up as “Brunette” but it also means a woman with dark skin. For me, the word is more than just a pet name but a part of my identity as a black mother raising an Afro-Latino baby.

Even though I am not a native speaker, I find myself using the language every day. The reason being that I started dating my husband who at the time had immigrated here from Mexico. His English has improved in the two years we’ve been together but our default language at home remains Spanish.

As a result, we speak Spanish to our baby Chris most of the time. I will occasionally use English with him but I believe that using Spanish as much as possible will benefit both myself and the little one’s language development.

How to Teach Spanish While Learning Spanish?

Learning and speaking Spanish for a non-native speaker requires vulnerability. Not every word spoken will be correct and that’s okay! I used to be super critical of my Spanish to the point I couldn’t hold a decent conversation with my husband. There are times where I’ve conjugated verbs incorrectly or even use the wrong tense. As long as I get my point across, I can communicate ideas.  

The best way I’ve picked up on Spanish in a fun way is through lullabies and Children’s songs. YouTube has a wide range of channels like El Reino Infantil tailored for little ones. In all honesty I’ve learned some pretty nifty vocabulary to use around the house from those videos. Be careful, though. There are times when Chris would much rather look at TV than eat his meal!

Lastly, I encourage myself to learn a new word every day. In the morning my brain my not be operating at 100% so I do clash with my husband on those kind of days. I never hesitate to let him know that I don’t understand something. I hope that my son can feel that way with me but I’m confident he’ll grasp both languages just fine. In addition to adding my adventures in parenting I’ll include my misadventures in learning Spanish language and culture. Thanks for checking out my website and go mama!