Morenita Mommy Copywriting & Translation

Inclusive & Socially-Conscious Copywriting for Purpose-Driven Businesses

Copy isn't
just words.

It's the lingua franca between your audience and your brand.

What can a brand's
lingua franca do?

Raise Brand Awareness.

People can naturally pick up on what sounds natural and what doesn’t. Authentic language is a scroll-stopper.

Increase Open Rates & Click-throughs.

Good writing and good timing makes readers feel seen. A happy reader drives traffic to your website.

Get more conversions.

Confused people don’t buy. When copy successfully addresses their pain points and provides solutions, then you’re really speaking their language.

Clients aren't
just projects.

They're people who speak unique languages.


Errol is a kind and thoughtful collaborator who really writes from the heart.
 I found her very enjoyable to work with, and I valued having her unique perspective on language, family, and culture on our publication.

Claire Larkin, Content Manager at Babbel

I'm not just
a writer.

I'm Errol, a dedicated linguist and wordsmith.

Errol de Jesus

Trying to guess how to talk to your audience is tough when you don't know the right language to use.

We love how the right words make us feel, but getting the right words across isn’t easy.


I know this as a toddler mom—and as the wife of someone from another country!


My 10+ years of experience with linguistics helps me write for purpose-driven businesses who need to (re)discover their unique lexicon or lingua franca.

Connection lies at the intersection of community and language.

This intersectionality, also known as sociolinguistics, helps me convey your brand’s story. 


My words
of advice

Conscious copywriting for helping your business grow.


Ads, blogs, campaigns—anything and everything that involves your brand. Use good storytelling to build an audience that you can confidently sell to.

Content Marketing

Good content gets even better when properly distributed and promoted on the right platforms. Repurpose content and grow your online presence.


If your brand is going global, you’ll need more than Google translate. Work with a human who knows the language, the people, and the culture.

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