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Thanks to your innovative online language learning platform, users can travel the globe and learn a language right from their phones or laptops.

You’ve literally put the world in their hands. 

But wait! Don’t just leave them stranded! Now you need to keep learners motivated and engaged with content related to their progress (and struggles) in language acquisition.

That’s when I come in. 

Who am I?

Other than a four-time Japanese speech contest winner and the mother of a super cute biracial baby that I’m raising bilingual, I’m a language lover at heart. 

My language learning story began with a small Japanese phrasebook but it’s grown into a life-changing tale about love and Spanish.

So what does this all mean for your program? 


Simply put, as an experienced and traveled language learner, I write and translate copy that sells

And when you’re ready to give your customers a road map for the journey you’ve set them on, let’s chat

And if you don’t think investing in your language learning business is worth it, consider this:

An industry projected to reach $10.5 billion by 2025, online language learning is revolutionizing where and how we achieve fluency. 

I’m great with words! Plus, I’m actually awesome to work with, in any language. 

I recently commissioned Errol to write an article for my magazine, the Procrastination Paper and not only was her article wonderful (straight from the heart, honest and beautifully written), but she was a joy to work with. Errol was gracious when I came to her with last minute edits, prompt in her delivery and a pleasure to communicate with over email.
I loved working with Errol! Her translation was easy to understand and super helpful for growing my business. I highly recommend her.

Join me in combating monolingualism. Let’s connect!